Richard Yap Joins the “Kadenang Ginto” Cast, Heats Up the Romina-Daniela Rivalry Further

Richard will be playing Leon, who will be Romina’s new business partner and will be a huge part of her return.

Kadenang Ginto introduces Richard Yap as Leon

  • Kadenang Ginto is an afternoon drama series in ABS-CBN starring Dimples Romana and Beauty Gonzalez
  • The series became even more popular because of the memes that spawned from the show
  • The series will take a new turn in its latest season because of the inclusion of Richard Yap in the cast

The show Kadenang Ginto is a drama series shown in the afternoon from Monday to Friday at ABS-CBN. It stars Dimples Romana and Beauty Gonzalez as two rivals fighting over wealth and power.

“Kadenang Ginto” title card

The popularity of the series has stemmed not just from the storyline and the acting that each cast member delivers, but also from the memes that spawned from it. Dimples herself has become the subject of a couple of memes.

The most recent meme was “Daniela Mondragon Walks Everywhere.” In their latest trailer for the coming season, Daniela was shown walking the street in a red dress and pulling a matching luggage, and her image was edited to appear as though she is walking in different locations.

Daniela with Captain America
Daniela joins the Avengers

In the coming season, it seems that the story may get even hotter. The trailer showed that Romina lost all her money but has slowly worked hard to get back up, while Daniela’s business is slowly getting backrupt.

In a heated confrontation on the streets, it is where the two meet again, along with Romina’s new business partner, Leon.

Richard Yap as Leon in Kadenang Ginto
Richard Yap as Leon in “Kadenang Ginto.” Image credit: ABS-CBN Entertainment/YouTube

Leon will be played by the actor Richard Yap. Richard is a prominent actor, but he became more popular as “Sir Chief,” coming from the character that he played in the series Please Be Careful With My Heart.

The comments section in the trailer that was uploaded in YouTube had all the viewers excited, so let’s see as to how Richard Yap’s Leon will heat things up further between the two ladies.

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