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Woman Wears a Ghillie Suit to Take Proposal Pictures of her Sister

Her story and picture as a bush quickly became viral once posted in social media.

  • Therese Merkel, along with her future brother-in-law, planned it out so that when he proposes there will be pictures
  • Therese did not want to ruin the moment by being present so she disguised herself as a bush while he proposed
  • Their story was posted on Twitter which quickly became viral

It is a magical moment when a person proposes to their partner, asking their hand for marriage. The arrangement can be as simple as just popping the question all of a sudden, while there may be some instances that it becomes very extravagant and it becomes a festive moment. The moment can come suddenly, and if no one is prepared with anything to capture the moment, it becomes lost forever.

That’s what Therese Merkel and her future brother-in-law Andrew Philibeck had in mind when he wanted to propose to her sister Rachel. From an article in Time, Therese said she didn’t want to ruin the romantic moment by being there so she thought of using a disguise.

woman wears a ghillie suit to secretly take proposal pictures
Therese Merkel wearing a Ghillie suit. Image credit: @theresemerkel/Twitter

Andrew and Therese were planning everything up to a point that he bought the sister a Ghillie suit for the plan.

A Ghillie suit is a disguise usually used by hunters. When worn and used properly, the person wearing it can blend in to the environment, disguising them perfectly.

A Ghillie suit. Image credit:

A month later, Andrew was able to set up a location for where he would propose to Rachel, with Therese in position while wearing the disguise.

woman wears a ghillie suit to secretly take proposal pictures
Andrew Philibeck proposes to Rachel Merkel, all caught on camera by Therese while she was in her Ghillie suit. Image credit: @theresemerkel/Twitter

After Andrew asked the important question, Therese waited a few moments before running in, showing herself, and she started shouting, “SHE SAID YES!”

Rachel was caught off guard, not expecting to see her sister in a Ghillie suit just a few moments after the proposal.

woman wears a ghillie suit to secretly take proposal pictures
A job well done for Therese, both in taking the picture and wearing the disguise. Image credit: @theresemerkel/Twitter

A few days later, Therese posted pictures of herself in Twitter, showing the picture that she took, as well as how she looked like in the disguise. The post went viral, getting over 22,000 Retweets, and was Liked more than 180,000 times.

Congratulations to the couple, and who knows if the Ghillie suit will be used again in the future.


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