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Irish Man Plays a Final Prank During His Funeral

The final gesture was met with laughter to those in attendance.

  • Andrea Bradley shared in Facebook a video of her father Shay’s funeral
  • Knowing that he was going to die, it was Shay’s wish to play one more prank to those that will be attending his funeral
  • As his coffin was being lowered to the ground, a pre-recorded message by Shay was played from inside, which was met with laughter from those in attendance

The death of a loved one is always a sad and solemn moment, regardless if the person is one’s parent, grandparent, or anyone else. It also becomes the time to celebrate the life of the person, by honoring his or her memories and by giving them a proper sendoff with a funeral.

Shay Bradley from Kilkenny, Ireland, has been fighting with an illness for the longest time, but he also knows that his time might be up soon. A year before he passed away, he has thought of one more prank to play for his family.

People reacting to the prank that Shay Bradley played on them during his own funeral. Image credit: Andrea Bradley/Facebook

Andrea Bradley has shared a video in Facebook of that moment during Shay’s funeral. The video starts with those in attendance clapping, just as the coffin was being lowered down the ground. As it was being lowered, everyone started hearing Shay’s voice from inside the coffin.

“Hello?” Shay said and a sound of knocking can be clearly heard. He was also asking where he was and that it was dark all around him. Near the end of the video, he started to sing.

In an interview by Huffpost, Andrea recalled that it was her father’s last wish to have that prank played during his funeral. Shay initially told his son Jonathan and Andrea’s nephew Ben of the plan a year before, and two days before the funeral Jonathan then told his siblings and their mother of what will happen.

Image credit: @Andrea36496119/Twitter

Andrea also said that Shay wanted to have their mother laughing instead of crying as they were leaving the cemetery and that hit was his own way of saying goodbye and that ” sadness is over now here is a laugh so you can go and celebrate my life with a smile on your face.”


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