LOOK: Test Folders of Students Decorated With Witty Quotes

The folders are used to cover their test papers, discouraging the act of cheating

  • Students are asked to use folders to cover their test papers during an exam
  • One of their teachers initiated the task of using folders to discourage cheating
  • Students then added witty anti-cheating quotes on their folders to personalize them

Exams are an important part in a student’s life. It is a means to measure how much a student has learned throughout a grading period and to also see if they are ready to move on to the next lessons. Unfortunately there are still some that do not take their studies seriously and when exam time comes, they would resort to unfair tactics just so they can get a passing grade.

There have been numerous things teachers tried to do to discourage cheating. Some would have the students sit one seat away from each other and some would hold the exam in batches. Others would have folders ready so they can cover their test papers, as what one class in Davao del Nortel did.

students write witty anti-cheating quotes on their test folders
Students of BSED-Math 1A with their test folders. Image credit: Inquirer Libre/Facebook

In a post from Inquirer Libre’s Facebook page, they featured BSED-Math 1A students of Kapalong College of Agriculture & Science as they were taking their preliminary exams. One of the teachers, NSTP instructor Ronith Libago, had them bring the said folders so they can prop them up and cover their papers so no one else can see it. Every student was compliant, but they also decided to write witty lines on the folders to further discourage cheating.

students write witty anti-cheating quotes on their test folders
“You don’t have an answer? That makes both of us!”
students write witty anti-cheating quotes on their test folders
“If you look at my answers, we’ll both fail the exam!”
“If you look at my paper, you’ll lose your teeth!”
“Stop looking over here, do you have a crush on me?”

The witty and funny lines caught netizens’ attention and they all liked what the students did. Hopefully this does help discourage cheating as it is never a good thing to cheat at an exam.


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