GrabFood Story: Netizen Failed to Get Her Order But Did THIS Instead

She heard the GrabFood rider’s side of the story, and she did something unexpected

  • Netizen Shy Atienza tried to order milk tea through the GrabFood service
  • Her talk with the GrabFood rider was caught on camera
  • She found out that the GrabFood rider slipped and fell, and spilled most of her order, but she still paid him in full

GrabFood is a heaven sent for anyone that has a craving. Instead of you needing to go out and buy the food that you want, you can just open the Grab app from your phone and order from there.

Image credit:, Grab Philippines

Lately, there had been stories online regarding GrabFood riders and unfulfilled orders. People would suddenly cancel because the rider “took too long to deliver.” These stories became more trending when people found out that the riders use their own money to pay for the food, thinking that they’ll get their money back once the order is complete.

Shy Atienza shared a post in her Facebook account regarding her own GrabFood story. She had ordered two milk tea drinks and was expecting the order to arrive quickly.

grabfood story
Shy Atienza (front, holding the milk tea glass) talks to Celso Bernabe (behind the door) regarding her order. Image credit: Shy Atienza/Facebook

Celso Bernabe, which is the name the rider gave Shy, texted her after awhile to inform her that he was stuck in traffic and it was raining as well.

Shy received another text from Celso, this time to inform her that he slipped because of the wet road and her order got spilled. He mentioned as well that he almost got a concussion because of the accident.

grabfood story
Shy’s spilled milk tea order. The other order had a broken packaging and Celso was unable to save it. Image credit: Shy Atienza/Facebook

Celso was already thinking of not completing the delivery since one of the milk tea drinks has spilled. Shy instead convinced him to still try to bring the drink to her and she’ll still pay for it in full. She didn’t expect that another person in her house started recording her conversation with Celso, and she decided to post it as well, along with with their text messages

grabfood story
One of the screenshots of the text messages between Shy and Celso. Image credit: Shy Atienza/Facebook

Shy said she posted her GrabFood story because she understands the hardship that GrabFood riders have with fulfilling their delivery. She wanted to give the message that just because the GrabFood order is late, one can immediately cancel the order and leave the rider hanging.

Grab has already made a statement regarding such “no shows” for GrabFood and is studying if penalties can be put to said users, including account suspension.


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