Plastic Free School is Using THIS for their Utensils

A school canteen in in southern Negros started to use utensils made from bamboo and coconut shells in an effort to be “plastic free”

  • School principal of a school in southern Negros wants to help in lessening pollution created by using plastic materials
  • He gained inspiration from a movement that promotes “zero waste”
  • Meals in the school canteen is now served using utensils made from natural materials like bamboo and coconut shells

The fight against polluting the environment is going stronger than ever. Lots of establishments are helping one way or another, including some establishments that are implementing a rule wherein they don’t use straws for certain days of the week, or in some cases they don’t have any straws at all. A principal of a school in Negros Occidental decided to try a new way to become plastic free.

plastic free utensils
Coconut shells and bamboo are used as bowls and mugs. Source: SWEEP: Sea Waste Education to Eliminate Plastic/Facebook

Bulata National High School (BNHS) is trying to become plastic free by using utensils made from natural materials. They use mugs that are made from bamboo, bowls that were made using coconut shells, and their plates are made with banana leaves.The use of these materials was inspired by the “Wala Usik Tiangge” which is an effort by the Philippine Reef and Rainforest Conservation Foundation, Inc. (PRRCFI) through their Sea Waste Education to Eradicate Plastic (SWEEP) program.

plastic free utensils
A person is using a coconut shell as their bowl for the food that they are eating Source: SWEEP: Sea Waste Education to Eliminate Plastic/Facebook

Principal Eiggy Duller Yap sees the danger of plastic in the environment and mentions that plastic waste that is not managed properly will become a problem.

The school’s Teachers’ League Association will be managing the canteen, but Principal Yap is also looking for additional help for the school canteen. He sees that more tables and chairs are needed, among other things. To help spread the awareness, Association of Negros Artists volunteers had helped paint murals on the school canteen walls with the theme “More Fish, Not Plastic.” The teachers will also be going with the school’s feeding program when they start using the new utensils.

plastic free utensils
Walls were painted with colorful pictures of marine life with the message “More Fish Not Plastic.” Source: SWEEP: Sea Waste Education to Eliminate Plastic/Facebook

Principal Yap wants to set an example so that they can hit two birds with one stone: Help with spreading the word of being plastic free and at the same time, help promote local products.

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