Top 5 Reasons to Visit Bangkok this Summer

Five Reasons Why You Should Spend your Summer in Bangkok

Muang Boran Museum

Why visit Bangkok this summer

To be honest, you do not need a particular reason to visit Bangkok. The country is just marvelous and full of astounding places, thus makes sense to just pack your bags and board a plane to Bangkok without thinking twice. However, this summer there is something that makes visiting the world’s famous city different. Here’s Why you should visit Bangkok this summer:

Reasons to Visit Bangkok this Summer
Reasons to Visit Bangkok this Summer

In Thailand, the new queen and king have been crowned recently, thus there couldn’t be a better period to visit Thailand that this summer. Among many things that make a summer trip to Bangkok special includes:

Airlines Promotions

If you are flying from Manila, take advantage of the fact that the national carrier Philippines Airlines (PAL) has increased its flight frequency from Manila to Bangkok from 21 to 25 times. This means there will be lots of promos and seat sale by the carrier. The number of Filipinos traveling to Thailand has increased by 12 percent in 2018, with 40 percent of travelers using airlines.

Experience the Whole Thailand in just One Museum

Muang Boran Museum
Muang Boran Museum

Visiting the entire 76 provinces of Thailand needs a lot of times that sometimes as a traveler, you do get. But it is possible to experience entire Thailand in just one open-air museum known as the Muang Boran, outside the city of Bangkok.

Cruise the River Chao Phraya over a Delicious Meal

Cruise the River Chao Phraya
Cruise the River Chao Phraya

Arguably one of the best reasons to visit Bangkok, taking a dinner cruise along River Chao Phraya is an experience to behold. One of the cruises – Grand Pearl Candle Lit Dinner Cruise allows you to enjoy varieties of meals including international cuisines.


ICONSIAM photo by Tris T7 via Wikipedia CC
ICONSIAM photo By Tris T7 – Own work, CC BY 4.0

ICONSIAM is a new shopping mall in Bangkok that includes luxurious shopping malls, indoor floating market, recreational arena, and souvenir shops. Another good thing about the mall is that you can access it via Chao Phraya River cruise.

Enjoy the Thai Cuisine

Pad Thai
Pad Thai

Thai cuisine is known all over the world, and it is possible many people have already tasted one Thai meal without necessarily being in Thailand. Tasting Thai cuisine is among the best things to do in Bangkok and Thailand as a whole. One of the famous Thai cuisine restaurants is the Blue Elephant restaurant located at 233 Sathorn Road, Bangkok.

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