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60,000 Caregivers are Needed in Japan

The demand for caregivers is huge and some would offer a monthly salary of around P 95,000

Japan needs 60,000 caregivers
  • POEA has announced that Japan is in need of 60,000 caregivers
  • This is to cater to Japan’s growing elderly population
  • Offered salary by Japanese companies has reached as much as P 95,000

Manila, Philippines – The Philippine Overseas Employment Administration, or POEA, has just announced that Japan is looking into hiring Filipino caregivers.

According to a news post by The Manila Times, they are expecting that over 60,000 Filipino caregivers will be hired in the coming 5 years due to the increasing elderly population in Japan.

60,000 caregivers are to be hired in Japan
60,000 Filipino caregivers are projected to be hired by several Japanese companies, according to POEA.

POEA administrator Bernard Olalia was quoted to say that Japan is predicting that they will have a labor shortage in the coming years because of the growing numbers of their elderly.

They have also mentioned that by next month, the Japanese government is going to open job orders for Specified Skill Worker Visa.

According to Olalia, there will be no placement fee nor an employment fee, and having any previous caregiver experience will not be a requirement.

Japan needs 60,000 caregivers
Japan needs 60,000 caregivers

They have noted a few basic qualifications for one to be eligible as a caregiver in Japan:

  • You must be a nursing graduate (with or without a nursing license) or a graduate of any four-year course
  • A certified nursing certificate (NC) II certificate from TESDA is a must
  • You must also learn how to speak in Japanese

Since Japanese companies are needing caregivers, they are offering a monthly salary that can go as much as ¥ 200,000, or amounting to P 95,776.

60,000 caregivers are to be hired in Japan
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One of the companies that are looking into hiring caregivers is the Cooperative Union Business Supply Aichi, or CUBSA. They have been working in the Philippines and has been assisting Filipinos with getting various job opportunities in Japan.

Currently, they are holding free seminars in preparation for hiring caregivers, and they are looking into hiring 1,000 applicants for now.

Olalia gave a reminder that for those who are interested, they should contact POEA directly or any legitimate recruitment centers. Visiting the official POEA website is recommended so one can view the list of available vacancies and avoid illegal recruiters.

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