Faith in Humanity Restored: Honest Street Cleaner Returns Wallet to Her Owner, Did Not Want Any Reward

The wallet apparently had a huge amount of cash in it and a lot of ID’s which were all intact when it was returned.

  • A netizen lost her wallet while she was on her way home, which contained a huge sum of money and a few of her ID’s
  • An honest street cleaner found her wallet and returned it
  • The owner offered a reward for finding her wallet, which the honest street cleaner declined

Cebu City, Philippines – Honesty has become a trait that is slowly declining from people. There are some that would lie, cheat, or steal just to get ahead of others, but there are a few that do not give in to temptation.

A Facebook post from Christine Janelle Kho made a post to honor a person that she met. The person’s name is Angelo Baguio, who is a street cleaner for Cebu Business Park.

According to Christine, she was walking and was on her way back to her condo from a mall when she realized that she dropped her wallet. She tried to retrace her steps, hoping that she can still find it. Unable to see it, she lost hope and thought that anyone who would find it will not give it back.

honest street cleaner returns wallet to owner
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She said the wallet contained, along with some of her ID’s and important cards, her money that amounted close to P 30,000.

Minutes later, Christine’s father got a call from someone who said they found her wallet. This is when the met Angelo Baguio, who found it while he was cleaning near Solinea.

Christine was happy to get her wallet back and was willing to give a reward, but Angelo refused her offer.

honest street cleaner returns wallet to owner
Faith in humanity restored: Angelo Baguio returned a lost wallet to her owner. Image credit: Christine Janelle Kho/Facebook

The post itself has gotten close to 3,000 reactions and was shared more than 800 times. All of the comments commended what Angelo did and they all wished that everyone can be as honest as him.

We also commend Mr. Angelo Baguio for doing the right thing. Hopefully, this story can be an inspiration so that everyone can be as honest as him.


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