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LOOK: People of Batanes Leave Their Payment for Electricity Outside Their Home

Payment collectors gather them like that as most residents are too busy with work.

  • Batanes is a province located at the northernmost part of the Philippines
  • It is a place that is famous for their culture and landscape, and the “Honesty Coffee Shop” where people can just get items from the store and leave their payment behind
  • A picture was posted online showing a resident who left their electricity payment outside their home without worry of anyone stealing it

Batanes, Philippines – The province of Batanes is in the northernmost part of the Philippines. It is known to be the smallest, both in land mass and population. It is also mountainous, and it was initially thought that the place is always hit by typhoons. Because of its location, it is used as a reference when meteorologists speak of a typhoon’s path when it moves north.

Batanes province. Image credit:

Batanes also became famous for what became known as the “Honesty Coffee Shop.” Located in Ivana, it is a store that is always open and you won’t be finding any person manning it. All you’ll need to do is take an item and leave your payment at the counter. It was mentioned that the owners are too busy with other work and they left the store as it is today.

There has been no record of anyone stealing from the store, as it is said that Ivatans, people native of Batanes, are very honest.

So honest, in fact, that from a post made in the ABS-CBN News Facebook page, they showed a picture of a person who left their payment for their electricity just outside their home.

Batanes resident left their electricity payment outside their home
Electricity payment left outside a resident’s home in Batanes. Image credit: Aletha Mata, ABS-CBN News/Facebook

According to Aleth Mata, a payment collector for BATANELCO, most Ivantans are too busy with other work and they leave their payment like that.

The people of Batanes have been commended for their honesty, and there have been attempts to emulate their “honesty store.” Some had been successful, while some had failed, but hopefully they were able to set a good example for everyone regarding being honest.

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