Meet The Original Batman – An Ancient Mayan God named Camazotz

The Mayan God Resembling Batman

Camazotz - the Ancient Mayan Batman

Batman Existed 2,500 Years Ago and His Name Was Camazotz

During ancient time, A place in Mexico worshiped an Ancient Mayan god named Camazotz. The god had peculiar attributes as it had the body of a person with a bat head. It is interesting because this was long – 2,500 years before even DC Comics was found.

Camazotz: The Mayan Bat God
Camazotz: The Mayan Bat God

Camazotz is made up of two words, ‘kame’ which means “death” and ‘sotz’ meaning “bat”, thus ‘death bat’. The creature originated in Mesoamerican folklore as a dangerous bat creature living in the cave. The K’iche discovered that the bat had the same divine as their god of fire Zotzilaha Chamalcan. The god Camazotz is usually portrayed holding a sacrificial victim or a human heart in one hand and a sacrificial knife on the other.

The statue of the batman-god is housed in a museum in downtown Mexico City adjacent to Templo Mayor. The museum also contains numerous artifacts from the Mesoamerican civilizations.

The most distinct feature of Camazotz is its flint knife-shaped nose, which is probably a hyperbolic interpretation of the physical traits of members of Phyllostomidae – a nose-leaf, or leaf-nosed bats.

Ancient statue of Camazotz- An ancient statue of Camazotz found by archaeologists photo via
Ancient statue of Camazotz- An ancient statue of Camazotz found by archaeologists photo via


Remains of a giant vampire bat were discovered in 1988 in Mongas province of Venezuela. It was later found that the vampire bat was 25% larger than the contemporary vampire bat, thus named D. Draculae. Its size and age indicate that the bat could have existed the same period as the K’iche, therefore cementing the certainty of the Camazotz legends.

Another discovery of D. Draculae was made in Argentina in the year 2000. The fossils date back in approximately 1650 AD, which further strengthens the possibilities that D. Draculae coexisted with humans in Central and South America.

Camazotz - the Ancient Mayan Batman
Camazotz – the Ancient Mayan Batman

The fact that D. Draculae was 25% larger than the modern vampire bat (D. Rotundus) suggest that it required more blood and therefore hunted larger animals and even humans.

In 2014, the media house Warner Brothers brought together around 30 artists to recreate the various versions of Batman to mark its 75th anniversary. One of the artists from Mexico designed the common Batman bust but molded it with Maya themes and references to the god of Camazotz.

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