Old Man Selling Bread In the Middle of a Footbridge Goes Viral

Pictures of an old man standing in the middle of a footbridge selling bread has spread through Facebook and everyone wants help out.

  • Pictures of an old man selling bread while standing in the middle of a footbridge was posted online
  • The picture shows the old man with a smile on his face while he holds the bread in his arms
  • The pictures became viral with everyone wanting to give help to the old man.

Quezon City, Philippines – Filipinos are known to be the most hospitable people. We always take care of each other. For the senior citizen, we all can’t help but give an extra effort in helping them.

It’s not a surprise that a couple of pictures in Facebook went viral because it portrayed a picture of a happy old man selling bread in the streets of Quezon City.

old man selling bread in quezon city
“Lolo” is standing in the middle of the footbridge while he tries to sell bread. Image credit: Benj Samson/Facebook

In a Facebook post, Benj Samson shared a picture of an old man who was standing at a footbridge that leads to one of the large malls in Quezon City. “Lolo,” as Benj has called him in the post, was holding a tray full of bread that he was selling. The bread look like they were baked on the day itself but what caught everyone’s attention was the way the old man was selling them.

“Lolo” was smiling in the pictures, even when he was standing the whole day just under the LRT railway to get away from the sun. He wasn’t shouting while he tries sell his bread; he’d just be standing and holding his tray for the passers-by to see.

old man selling bread in quezon city
You can clearly see the smile on “Lolo’s” face, showing that he doesn’t mind the weather. Image credit: Benj Samson/Facebook

The post quickly went viral, getting more than 42,000 reactions and was shared more than 54,000 times. All the comments would be asking where “Lolo” was located so that they can buy bread from him and the rest would put the hashtag #KMJS representing the show, “Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho,” in an effort to get their attention.

“Lolo” would usually be seen on the footbridge between SM North EDSA and SM Cyber West from noon until the afternoon. If you see him, try to buy some of his bread. You don’t need to buy a lot; just one piece should help “Lolo” a lot and you’ve made someone a bit more happier for that day.


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Written by Drew Tetangco

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