The Morning Greeting Won’t Be the Same For Students of This Teacher

Teacher Girlie lets her students choose a different way to greet her each morning

  • Elementary school teacher Girlie Laguerta dela Cruz wants to make sure her students all feel comfortable in going to school
  • She made a chart that she and her students use every morning which allows each student to choose how to greet her
  • They can choose from a hug, a high-five, a handshake, or a fist bump

Manila, Philippines – Kids usually don’t like going to school, specially the younger ones. They wouldn’t like to be away from their home, and from their parents. Teachers expect this so they try to make the child’s stay as comfortable as possible. After all, teachers are a child’s second parent.

kids choose their morning greeting with their teacher
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There was viral video back in 2018 wherein a teacher from the United States has thought of a means of brightening up her students’ morning. She has a chart outside her classroom and her students can choose how to greet her with it. They could choose to shake hands, hug, fist bump, high five, “elbow hello,” or a dance.

kids choose their morning greeting with their teacher
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Teacher Girlie Laguerta dela Cruz thought of bringing the same idea to her class. She knows very well the struggles that teachers and parents have in making their kids go to school.

She uploaded a video in her Facebook account that shows a similar chart that her students would tap on so she’ll know how they want to be greeted:

  • The heart symbol tells her that her student wishes for a hug
  • If a kid taps on the hand with an open palm, they’ll do a high-five
  • The symbol with two hands together would be for a handshake
  • A fist would be for a fist bump between her and her student

The morning greeting chart is well-received by her students. The first in line were the girls, who mostly chose to hug Teacher Girlie before entering the classroom. When it was the boys’ turn, some chose the hug, while others went with the fist bump.

kids choose their morning greeting with their teacher
Kids can either have a hug, a high-five, a handshake, or a fist bump with Teacher Girlie. Image credit: Girlie Laguerta dela Cruz/Facebook

The effect of the chart was very positive with the children. Teacher Girlie said that it became part of their daily routine and some are even excited to go to school because of it. She also saw that no one wants to be absent or late as they won’t have the chance to do the morning greeting with her.

Netizens commended Teacher Girlie for her effort and some hoped that other teachers can try the same thing. Kudos to you, Ma’am for putting in the effort to make your children feel loved in school.


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